Who am I?

Who am I? Unhappily married, mother of four individuals, ranging in ages from thirteen to twenty. Got my high school diploma through night school many many many many years ago, and currently posses no formal education. This winter I’ll ‘celebrate’ 43 years of living. I’ll spare you my weight and height. I work as a janitor. You can say that’s one of the ‘lowest’ jobs up there; some even view it as degrading. Actually – you can say whatever you want – I honestly don’t give a hoot. I work hard for my money. I work and do menial and manual jobs, but it’s honorable, and I have a regular paycheck.

The paycheck. That where the problem lay. Obviously. It ain’t enough to survive in Ontario, Canada. I need to improvise, and this is where this blog is heading.

I’m going to share the various little ways I’ll attempt to make some jingle-jangle.

Welcome aboard!


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