In today’s world it is harder to come by. I’m guilty as charge by forgetting this concept occasionally. I collect materials that I don’t need; I want to be surrounded by pretty and comfortable things. At times, I have irrelevant thoughts that occupy my brain; I feel disconnected from the Real Thing. But what is the Essence of Living?
True, we are born alone and we depart alone, but on our short journey we accumulate family and friends. Some we keep. Some we lose – be it our fault or unforeseen circumstance. Money is important, but it’s not the centre of existence. Love and Health is. Peace is essential for those two ingredients to prosper. Financial stability will eventually follow (hopefully). So enjoy solitude to recharge and take pleasure in the company of your loved one. Try to be conscious of words and meanings that come out of your mouth, pen, fingertips. Try to listen more and judge less. It’s a delicate balance that you need to learn to juggle. I’m constantly on a learning curve, but I admit- it get easier with age and practice.


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