I should write something to send off 2016.

All I can say about the past year is that it was Interesting; and Educational – positive and negative elements combined to make a yin-yang whole.


I will look back to learn from my mistakes and remember fond memories, but I really want to focus on the Future.


My New Year Resolution? Make 2017 the Year of Sara! Be Selfish, so I can be Unselfish. Give to myself, so I can be in better position to Give back. And above all else – Study, Learn, and be Curious! Disregard any obstacles and turn them into milestones instead!

I am going to start 2017 with HOPE. Hope is an abstract concept – I need to train my mind to hold into it – take dreams and wishes and try to turn them into reality. Personal achievement/advancement is all that matters. Trying to be a better person involves harsh personal criticism – it is necessary to acknowledge shortcomings in order to overcome hurdles.

Life is harsh, unforgiving and unyielding at times. The simple trick of comparing oneself to others’ misfortunes is sometimes enough to elicit gratitude.

What I am trying to bring across in this piece of writing is that Positive Attitude is a must, no matter the circumstances; also, hard work must be involves in making any progress. Constant Motion and Awareness are the keys to leading a fulfilling life. Surrounding yourself with family and friends is essential for mental and physical stability.




2017 – Let’s walk together hand in hand surrounded by Love, Peace, Harmony, Health and Contentment!img_1490


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