So I’m gonna give it a go one more time. Try to commit. Those phases of mine – start one project and then jump to another, leaving the previous endeavor unfinished – it ain’t right. But I’m not here to judge myself. This is a personal blog, but a public one; contradicting – isn’t it?

Why do we want to share and expose our naked self? Well – I’m not a psychiatrist and not a philosopher. All I know is that I’m acting upon needs.

I need/want to express myself. For my eyes only, but I don’t mind if somebody else will read and gain some insight into my world, and than they might make some connotation to their realm. Ain’t that what’s writing all about? Reading the words of a stranger and finding a soul mate? Experiencing an Ahh moment? When you read and something speak to you, don’t you feel that it was all worth it? You become a human’s specialist; you gain some insight, no matter how minuscular the input is.

By writing and reading, you gain a comprehension of yourself, perception of others – a journey of sort, to better yourself so you can function smoothly and easily in this confusing and demanding Cosmo.


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