Why do we share?

What make a person sit down and scratch symbols on paper/electronic devise?
What make a person take those said scribbles and put them in an envelope or press Send?
If I want to share my thoughts and feelings – does that make me selfish?
Why do I need feedback from strangers?
Do I want recognition? Can a person be That shallow?
Idk. All I know is that writing relaxes me. It teach me concepts; it take me places I haven’t been before. I get to explore my own brain – even the darkest corners that really should stay hidden and out of the spotlight.
Since my phone became an extension of myself – a third arm with grey matter, largely thanks to Google, my personal space is wherever I am at any given moment. Inspiration no longer take place on a comfy armchair or a chair in the backyard – my phone is in my pocket wherever I go – therefore, the freedom to create and connect is at the my fingertips 24/7.
Since nobody know me, and nobody really care, I can write about whatever pop in my brain – Oh….. The possibilities…
I’m going to embark on this journey called WordPress, and see where the tide will take me…


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